Product Features & Pricing
The EBP Toolkit offers annual subscriptions to organizations that train in evidence-based practice models for mental health.
Subscription Pricing For Training Organizations
Client Case Tracking
Training Consultation
Organization Supervision & Administration
EBP Models & Resources
$0.14/user/day (billed monthly)
(e.g. 100 active users = $420/month)

Note: If your organization plans to use Toolkit with hundreds of users, please contact us at for information on enterprise pricing.
Client Case Tracking

Case Details

Client demographics, treatment model, status and custom data fields.

Case Measures

A variety of assessment measures to choose from.

Case Sessions

Track session components for each EBP model.

Case Analysis

See it all together for a complete analysis of the client treatment.

Training Consultation

Training Details

Setup training pages where consultants and participants sign up for Toolkit consultation.

Consultation Groups

Consultation groups allow consultants access to participants cases for analysis and supervision.

Consultation Notes & Surveys

Consultants can enter notes and complete surveys from supervision meetings and calls with providers.

EBP Models & Resources

EBP Models

Toolkit includes support for common EBP models for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Behavior Problems in both children and adults.

EBP Model Components

Each model includes standard components for tracking in client treatment sessions.

EBP Model Resources

Each model provides documentation resources and treatment guidelines.