Partnering for Success Baltimore CBT+ Training Cohort 6 MH Only

Baltimore County Training MH Only
April 27, 2018, May 4, 2018 & May 11, 2018

This is a unique opportunity for mental health professionals to learn a collaborative approach to supporting the emotional and behavioral health needs of children, youth and their families. The multi-day training will provide ample opportunity for skill building and shared learning. The training will be rooted in CBT+, bringing the best evidence about what works in treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression and behavioral problems into your hands. For two days, a portion of time is spent in shared learning, and some with your affinity group. The participants will learn skills and practice CBT + techniques while highlighting the value and opportunity for use in each profession's unique role and as a support to the family and professional team. Mental Health Providers will focus on clinical skills related to the treatment of anxiety and depression as well as the use of standardized assessments and screens. As part of the training event, Mental Health Providers will also participate in a third day of training on trauma informed practices including all core components identified by the NCTSN, which includes practice in creating a Trauma Narrative. The transfer of learning continues after the in person training as all participants are enrolled in follow up consultation calls to discuss the application of newly learned skills and strategies to their active caseload.

Apr 27, 2018 to May 11, 2018
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